Friday, March 4, 2011

Dissection Hall: Where the dead sacrifice, for the living.

I have been a medical aspirant all my life, but i didn't know that being a medical student in a government college would only remain a dream for the rest of my life. Thanks to the Great Indian Population and not to forget, Reservations. Even though i can't have those golden letters prefixed to my name ever again, yet i keep myself updated about the latest happenings in the Medical field. Sometimes, i feel i have been totally misplaced as a student. But then truth is; everyone else is too. 90% of engineers in India have no interest in Engineering actually, looking into these facts i feel quite at ease thinking, "I am not the only one. This is India and it happens."

For every medical student, the most agitating moments usually are when they enter the D.H for the first time, THE DISSECTION HALL. This is the reason D.H is finally called THE DARAWNA HALL, meaning "The Haunted Hall." D.H. is the place where all the future doctors and surgeons are trained on cadavers; this is where they know anything and everything about the human body, so that they can operate on the living human bodies.

Recently i went through a Dissection video from a college, where the students were almost making fun of the Cadaver. They called it "Cadaver Fashion", they were doing various make up work on the dead body, putting wigs on it. Few of the students were giggling behind the camera. I personally felt how bad it was, it must have been somebody's son, somebody's brother, somebody's father, someone's husband whom, his wife used to love like hell, and now it was nothing more than a dead body. Nothing! Did you notice i used the word "it" for addressing; Non-living. As told by a medical student,” I’ll never donate my body for any research purpose, because only i know what happens with the body. Each and every part of the body is torn apart. Each and every muscle and fascias are ripped off the bones. Each and every organ of the body is cut, cut into small bits and pieces. There is nothing left in the rib cage. The body becomes hollow." The body which once used to be a human; a living one, with his own identification. He might also have been to some school, might have been the topper there, or maybe he had been really a good person. When i came to know that few of the medical students (Not all, mind you) actually do play with the parts… They cut the muscles into square shapes and tell each other,"Le barfi kha." and they start laughing as if they have achieved something great. I don’t' know if they have ever thought that if the same thing happens to his body, how'd his soul feel. It’s a dead body, sure; but it doesn’t mean you can make fun of it. It can't say anything when you cut its muscles apart and throw them, in the garbage box to be incinerated.
As said by a medical student, “No one can teach you Human Anatomy better than a cadaver. It’s the best teacher of Human Anatomy." Yes, it’s like a teacher in fact, more than a teacher. It sacrifices even its body for the sake of research for teaching its students. It doesn’t shout, when you cut its skin. It doesn’t scream, when you tear its muscles. It doesn't cry, when you crush its bones. It makes no noise, it can't talk for itself and how it feels when you play "Barfi game" with its body parts. Indian Educational System in the earlier days believed in "Guru Dakhchhina." Those dead people don't expect anything from us, they don't need anything. There is nothing we can give them to make their souls happy. At least we can respect those departed souls and handle their body, as we handle our books. If not, at least we should stop playing games with the body. No one can sacrifice more than a cadaver to teach, it loses its body, its identification forever. Don't make it lose its respect. Don't hurt their souls if you can’t make them happy. That's the least we can do for them, isn't it?
P.S- My article seems to be against medical students but FYI, I never intended to mean anything like that. Medical Student have to do it so that they can learn for US. I respect Doctors and what they do for us. My article is against "THOSE"   few insensitive people.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'll NEVER hurt you again..

Cold air was blowing through the window of my bedroom, my body was feeling numb, and my skin was cold; as if I’ve been dead for a long time. I opened my eyes reluctantly, stepped out of my bed, it was dawn. I closed the window and got into my bed again. Slipping into my blanket, i picked up my cellphone and dialed a number, "The idea customer you’re calling has switched off the mobile phone."
I closed my eyes, and maybe a couple of droplets trickled down my cheeks. I spread my palms, not allowing them to fall down on the ground. Her voice echoed in my mind, “Never let your tears fall on the ground, neither this earth is strong enough to bear its pain, nor i am."
I was missing that one person so much. The previous night hadn't been so good for me and for her either. We had a few arguments and finally i hung up. I opened a diary and started reading through the lines. As i flipped through those pages, i realized more and more, how wrong i had been.
Her caring voice echoed in my mind again, “Please open and read this diary, before you start thinking i have stopped loving you, ever. This is my personal diary, I never thought i would give you this, but... i don’t know..." As i went through each and every line, i realized how much she loves me, and how much pain she had endured; just to make my wishes come true. Each and every page made me feel what she feels for me. Finally a poem, ending with "I am always with you. Never let you go."
That moment, that particular moment i wanted to run to her, and hug her so tight that i won’t have to leave her ever. That day i decided I’ll never hurt her, ever again. This time, I called her again and her phone started ringing.
She picked up the call. Before she could say anything, i finished saying,” I love you, and i won't hurt you ever again. Please don't be angry at me." in one breath.
She took a deep breath and said,” Was i angry at you? I didn't know that!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angel On Earth

Have you ever seen,
an angel on earth????
who mesmerizes the world with her oceanic eyes??
shes cute and sweet as ever!!!!
i have seen an angel on earth its you...

Have you ever seen,
an angel on earth????
who sheds tears for others' pains?
shows you the way when you turn insane..
comforts you when you are in need..
she is lovable as a teddy!
i have seen an angel on earth its you...

Have you ever seen,
an angel on earth????
spreading ripples of happiness around her,,
she is as gentle as dove,
i have seen an angel on earth its you...

Have you ever seen,
an angel on earth???
like the dew that are shaken,
from the wings that are waken..
happiness comes down her wings to enchant the world.
i have seen an angel on earth its you...

Have you ever seen,
an angel on earth???
who gives you a hug when you're low..
cheers you up, when you say the world a big NO!
i have seen an angel on earth;
wanna know who's she?
she is the one; my best friend..
........: is the angel's name :)