Thursday, September 23, 2010

Me.... A Corporate??

Corporate...hmmm, changing my stream came as a surprise to me. yes, for me too it was a surprise. From the beginning, when i started understanding my dreams, i always wanted to be a doctor. That is why i chose Science as my main subject. I was good at it, but then i don't know, what went wrong. Something that i might have never noticed, Something, i really don't know. My dreams, all broken down into pieces, everything burned into Ashes, forever. I wonder, why God does this every time?? I mean, why does he have to take such difficult tests?? Why??
The fact that i would never be a Doctor kills me, but what kills me more, is i would have to be someone; THAT SOMEONE, what i never wished to be. A Corporate.

I never wanted to be a corporate, this whole corporate world is filled with Daemons, in a human's body. They cheat, they cheat and again they cheat some more. May be i would be a Corporate, but I'll try keep the real me Alive. i don't wanna be one of those greedy people. Lord give me strength!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wish...

I wish, I could turn back time,
Impossible it might seem,
I wanna feel the rush in my veins,
Of the day I saw you again...
I wanna live those moments again!!!

Days had passed, and months had too,
And maybe you’d forgotten, those sweet memories few.
Everything seemed changed, fresh and new...
The old times evaporated, like last morning’s dew.
I wanna live those moments again!!!

It was a new you, I thought it might be,
Maybe you don’t know, maybe you’ve forgotten me.
I wanted to wave at you, but I couldn’t even try,
Maybe the even thought of it, made me very shy!!
I wanna live those moments again!!!
I kept asking, your whereabouts from my mates.
Barely did they answer, thanks to my fate!!
I wanted to see you, I don’t know why...
I didn’t, I didn’t wanna say the final goodbye...
I wanna live those moments again!!!

I found you one day,
That one best day of my life...
When you smiled that day,
Which ended my thought’s civil strife...
I wanna live those moments again!!!

From that day, I’ve known more of you.
Every hour of everyday...
Some of which you did,
And some you didn’t even say...
I wanna live those moments again!!!

And now, if you feel like leaving...
Going far away from me...
I am not gonna let you still...
I know you are with me...
And I trust that; you always will...
Wont you??

Monday, September 20, 2010


What do you do?? what do you do when, a person whom you care about is in such a situation where she/he doesn't even doesn't want to live. And you are so helpless that you can't do anything. Don't you feel,"Wish things didn't turn out that way!!" ? what do you do when that person is in tears and you want to give him a hug, but you can't?? because you are so far apart that meeting that person is next to impossible?? what do you do?? when you want that person to smile, but that person, doesn't? what do you do when you wish, you could finish the discrimination on the basis of sex?? what do you do? when you find a bird, who is meant to be free, is captivated is such a small space where it even finds difficult to breathe?? what do you do?? What do you do when you see an extremely talented person is being robbed of every thing? What do you do?? I wish i could do something, something that changes the world, and the way things are. I wish, and i would try MY BEST