Thursday, July 14, 2011


After days of Wretchedness, the cold war had come to an end. He thought finally he could come close and feel those locks again on his face, flowing gently across like a gentle breeze. He wanted to inhale the enchanting smell of the perfume, she used every time she visited him. Maybe it was her favorite, but for him; that fragrance... THAT particular fragrance started a chain reaction of her memories. No matter how ever busy, that smell would charm him like a magic portion. Holding her against his chest, he wanted to feel her breathing. He wanted to tuck her locks behind her ear, every time they fell down on her face, like the clouds cover the gentle moon; and then take a sweet peck on her forehead. He wanted to hold her hands tightly, and feel their warmth. He wanted her to keep her head on his chest, and listen to his heartbeats. He wanted to look at her resplendent eyes. He wanted to run his fingers on her forehead and her rosy cheeks. He wanted to touch the tip of her cute-little nose, and then rub his lips on it. He wanted to feel her shivering lips on his finger tips as they caressed them. He wanted to feel her heavy breath on his face when he closes in, as her lips open like a dew-soaked bud, so soft and gentle.

In the midst of all the mutual separation, which persisted for few days now, they had the resonating harmony which stirred their burning passion. It was cold, very cold between them. He wanted to rekindle it, he wanted to feel the pleasure of unison again.

So many things running on his mind... he held her hand tighter, their fingers hugged each other. They walked on a moon-lit meandering boulevard. His steps slowed down, so did her; finally they came to a complete halt. He turned towards her; he did not say a word. Expressions said it all. He took a step towards her, she stepped back hesitating. She stepped back on his every step towards her, until she realized she did not want to step back anymore, she stood looking helpless, hopelessly in love. He held her hands tightly and held her against a tree. As she started breathing heavily, then he took her face in his hands and brought his closer. His lips touched her like never before, after a few seconds she joined in too... drenched in the shower of the feeling called LOVE, that was his sweetest kiss ever... And will ever be.

Note: The story is totally Fictional, and holds no relation to any person living or dead