Tuesday, October 20, 2009

woke up early in the morning.... wentt out ofr a walk.. i love it in the morning... was just walking along the BUOLEVARD that joins our colony to the main road... everyy thing was so calm and serene..the pitch dark road running in the midst of green and brownn.. looking up towards the sky... one can easily see the dew...touching the tops of the crimpson tree tops.. as if the sun have beem whitherin in form of fine dust,,,, which falls down on the trees as if a mother caressin her new born baby... chilling morning breezee touching my skin.. feels so cold... as if my skin was dead ... it all turns soo numb.. every exhaled breath seems too be a puffs of small clouds in front of the eyes... the chill sores down into the lungs as if purifying it...
love it when the weather is like this...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I love it, when it rains!
when the world looks so resplendent.
Like a new bride in her wedding apparel,
charming, serene, and pure like her virginity.
I love it, when it rains!

I love it, when it rains!
The sound of precipitation of droplets,
which breaks the solitude of my life.
Like a new sweet melody,
which enters through ear and strikes the cords of my heart.
I love it when it rains!

I love it when it rains!
The smell of the thirsty land,
which quenches its thirst after ages.
Like fragrant flower, the smell purifies my soul.
I love it when it rains!

I love it, when it rains!
And the lovely song of the birds,
who sing songs of love,
Which brings us the message of god,
lover is next to god and love next to godliness..
I love it when it rains!

I love it when it rains!
when the thought of the special someone,
lingers in my mind,
of holding her hands, and kissing her as gently as i can.
I love it when it rains!

I love it, when it rains!
Which makes me recall my childhood,
The soccer matches lost and won,
And those clothes dripping with mud,
and the precious love of friends.
I love it, when it rains!

I love it when it rains!
Which makes me remember, the days i was lonely.
The tears of my pain mixing with the rain,
As if god too was crying with me.
I love it. When it rains!

I love it when it rains!
which now makes me miss my love,
her sweetness, her smile and her loving words,
she came in my life as god's blessings.
I love it, when it rains!

I love it, when it rains!
Like the shower of blessing from GOD,
Who sent her in my life as rains on thirsty land.
I love it when it rains!
I love it when it rains!


Do you know?
When you smile you seem to be,
the most delicate angel in this world.
Like a picturesque landscape,
you take my breath away.
Do you know?

Do you know?
When you hug me,
it feels like i am in the arms of my final wish.
The calmness and the joy,
i am ready to die, a thousand death for!
Do you know?

Do you know?
when you come close to me,
your fragrance enchants my mind,
just like the most fragrant flower on this earth.
Your aroma still lingers in my mind,
long after you are gone!
Do you know?

Do you know?
Every second I'm away from you,
seem as long as hours,every hour, as days, and every day a year?
Missing and longing for you,
as a chocking diver longs for air.
Do you know?

Do you know?
When i look into your eyes,
your innocence flashes from them,
just like a dove, gentle and pure!
You make my heart throb,
like never before.
Do you know?

Do you know?
How warm i feel,
when i see the concern for me, in your eyes.
Just like a gardener, taking care of the new born buds.
so selfless, so adorable!
Do you know?

Do you know?
If god offers me,either my heart beat or you,
i shall ask for you without thinking twice,
Even if my heart beats for the last time,
it shall beat for you!
Do you know?

Do you know?
If the almighty says, to choose between your love and my breath,
I shall take my last breath,
to say,"I LOVE YOU."
Then rest in peace forever!
Do you know?
Do you know?
Do you know? Honey...?


Its when she looks into my eyes,
my heart stops for a moment.
My mind mesmerized by her charm,
my body feels so numb,
as if I've been intoxicated by the sweetest venom ever found.

Its when she hugs me,
She sends a chill down my spine,
my eyes close, and, every inch of my body busy feeling her touch,
As if she were the only one i needed,
She, my last wish!

Its when she smiles at me,
my world goes round and round again,
Every season turns into spring,
And the world looks pleasant as never before,
As if my GOD is smiling down upon me, She; my god.

It's when she kisses me,
my life seems so complete,
my every other desires die out,
it feels that I've the greatest treasure ever found!
I feel i need nothing except her,
My angel of joy. . .my world of happiness!

But its when she ignores me,
my heart feels,as if a thousand arrows piercing into it.,
which makes my heart bleed,
which makes my heart crave for her,
Which makes my heart want her back.
As a lonely child cries for his mother, who lost her in a calamity.

Its when she is angry at me,
my world transforms into a living hell.
And the most beautiful things seem ugly to me,
The most delicious , seems tasteless,
the most valuable seems futile.
A strange pain starts from the mind and reaches the heart,
As if some one has forced a burning coal down my throat!

You may wonder what she means to me,
I would say; She is to me what water is to fishes,
Air is to animals,Land is to trees,
Money is to miser; She is my world.
My love my only wish,

She is my life she is my angel,
The one i dream about every single night,
the one i crave for every single day,
The one i pray for every single moment.
The one i fell for, the one who took my heart away.