Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its when she looks into my eyes,
my heart stops for a moment.
My mind mesmerized by her charm,
my body feels so numb,
as if I've been intoxicated by the sweetest venom ever found.

Its when she hugs me,
She sends a chill down my spine,
my eyes close, and, every inch of my body busy feeling her touch,
As if she were the only one i needed,
She, my last wish!

Its when she smiles at me,
my world goes round and round again,
Every season turns into spring,
And the world looks pleasant as never before,
As if my GOD is smiling down upon me, She; my god.

It's when she kisses me,
my life seems so complete,
my every other desires die out,
it feels that I've the greatest treasure ever found!
I feel i need nothing except her,
My angel of joy. . .my world of happiness!

But its when she ignores me,
my heart feels,as if a thousand arrows piercing into it.,
which makes my heart bleed,
which makes my heart crave for her,
Which makes my heart want her back.
As a lonely child cries for his mother, who lost her in a calamity.

Its when she is angry at me,
my world transforms into a living hell.
And the most beautiful things seem ugly to me,
The most delicious , seems tasteless,
the most valuable seems futile.
A strange pain starts from the mind and reaches the heart,
As if some one has forced a burning coal down my throat!

You may wonder what she means to me,
I would say; She is to me what water is to fishes,
Air is to animals,Land is to trees,
Money is to miser; She is my world.
My love my only wish,

She is my life she is my angel,
The one i dream about every single night,
the one i crave for every single day,
The one i pray for every single moment.
The one i fell for, the one who took my heart away.



  1. It seems you really Love her a lot.......Nice post sumit :D

  2. What a lucky girl : ) very nicely expressed Sumit

  3. @Abhishek :) Thanks a lot... and yes a LOT :)

  4. @Kriti :) I guess i am the lucky one, to find someone so sweet :)

  5. only a person who is deeply n truly in love can write n capture all the myriad feelings of LOVE so beautifully...must say ki tumhe shayar banaya tumhari girlfren

  6. @Nandini i remember only one song after this...
    Main shayar toh nai,
    magar aae hasin, jab se dekha tumko, mujhko..
    shayari... aa gai :D

  7. May god bless you and your angel, Sumit. A tribute to love, nice.

  8. @Sulekha Thank you :D And in the name of love :D

  9. Wish to let the man I love read this...beautiful...and so in love...

  10. @Alpana Thank you so much, for all the inspiring and kind words:)