Friday, February 25, 2011


Had been thinking about my past lately. As thought of the old days cross my mind, i could feel as if though i am living my life again; the most adorable time of my life, my school days. I remember when i used to get into the campus, on every winter morning how the huge rose garden used to grab my attention. Smell of the sweet roses enchanted my mind, everything around used to be so lush green covered with fresh dew drops. Those roses used to look so resplendent. As the day used to pass the dew drops used to evaporate leaving the roses dry. Sometimes i feel like my life has been quite like those multicolored roses of my school garden. Dew drops came made me happy and went without notice leaving my dry. Back in those days things were so sweet, there was no tension to blast my head off with ache. There were no Semesters, only Terminals. No jealousy, only competition. Neither love, nor the fear of losing it.

But looking into things differently, i don't think life has been that bad to me. I mean If i had lost something, I've gained much more. There is a saying,"There is no regrets in life, only lessons." And i guess i have got my lessons, for sure. Every mistake i committed made me suffer, in its course made me more strong. And here i am standing tall, after overcoming them. I agree, there are few loses that we cannot replenish, but yes we can correct them. can't we? Bottom line is I know, I'll make my parents proud of me. I'll marry the girl i want to, NO WAIT... I NEED TO. Right now, my life feels stable, and why not? when every morning you have someone to wake you up and give you a hug? It makes my day. I don't regret growing up, yet i miss my school days.

Lines from my school anthem said..
"Oh De Nobili hats off to thee;
To your colors true we shall ever be."
De Nobili School. I miss you.