Thursday, September 23, 2010

Me.... A Corporate??

Corporate...hmmm, changing my stream came as a surprise to me. yes, for me too it was a surprise. From the beginning, when i started understanding my dreams, i always wanted to be a doctor. That is why i chose Science as my main subject. I was good at it, but then i don't know, what went wrong. Something that i might have never noticed, Something, i really don't know. My dreams, all broken down into pieces, everything burned into Ashes, forever. I wonder, why God does this every time?? I mean, why does he have to take such difficult tests?? Why??
The fact that i would never be a Doctor kills me, but what kills me more, is i would have to be someone; THAT SOMEONE, what i never wished to be. A Corporate.

I never wanted to be a corporate, this whole corporate world is filled with Daemons, in a human's body. They cheat, they cheat and again they cheat some more. May be i would be a Corporate, but I'll try keep the real me Alive. i don't wanna be one of those greedy people. Lord give me strength!!

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  1. Be one of those Inspirational Corporates. You can be the CHANGE :)