Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ode to Nature and Macro Photography

 I was walking around with my camera when i suddenly noticed someone looking at me :O

This is a very tiny flower i noticed on the grass floor. The flower is 1/4 of an inch :)

Just a random shrub...

This is a very tiny flower i noticed on the grass floor. The flower is 1/4 of an inch too, i noticed it while i was sitting on the grass.. to see the REAL SIZE of the pic look at pic No.5 of the Album :)

Just a random tiny plant.. nearly an inch big.

This is the photo i was talking about... in pic #3


  1. I loved them all Sumit,you have a good hand at photography,keep up your excellent work...

  2. @Alpana Thank you so much for the appreciation :) that means A LOT TO ME :)

  3. U r really improving day by day!! Keep it up!!

    God Bless U!

  4. Hello.
    I've been scrolling through your blog.
    You have some nice photography.
    It takes a lot of patience & a keen eye to do what you're doing.
    Nice job!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  5. What beautiful photos you have here. I love them each and every one. You have a great eye. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. That's truly amazing Sumit. I loved how you captured that fine yellow flower. It's very clear ;)

  7. Sumit, your every photo is a treat to eyes! I am amazed at the way you capture the beauty even of such mundane things like blades of grass!
    Thanks for taking me on a tour of a different and astonishing world.

  8. @Mani :D Thank you so much.. If your love keeps coming like this, i am bound to improve :)

  9. @Andy Thank you so much for visiting my blog :) THANKS A LOT!!!

  10. @Jan Thanks a lot for the appreciation :)

  11. @Melissa Nice to know that you liked my photography. I am working hard.. Your appreciation motivates me :)

  12. @Portia Thank you for your Kind words again. They really mean a LOT :) Thanks again :)

  13. I am once again impelled to say that your photography speaks, it's alive.