Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kolkata: City of Joy...(Oldie Version)

City Heights!!

The Remains!!

The Beautiful Sky!

City Heights
 Vivekananda Setu, Howrah!

The Howrah Bridge #1


  1. This is a very interesting sight Sumit... I see that you're now focusing on your photography... composition's quite good :)...keep on learning ;)

  2. Thank you so much melissa :D I wanted to try this out.. photography is FUN :D

  3. you remind me of my city. i miss my kolkata. nice pictures Sumit.

  4. Interestin and good effort...lot f polishing s though required....Keep learning small nuances f photography...its indeed great fun.

    I ws nostalgic ..thnks fr remndin me of Kolkata.

  5. Manisha.. Yes.. its required.. these are kind of raw pics i didnot put too much effort on. Was just walking and taking pics. Didnt have lot of time.. so :)

  6. Wow. Classiq! Now comes out the 'photographer' in u! I am so happy to see all these. N waiting to see more such good stuff from u :)