Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teri Mohabbbat mein....

Ek kashish hai teri ankhon mein,
Ek Jadu sa hai teri baaton mein,
Madhosh kar de jo mujhe tum mein,
Wo baat hai, tere sang bitai unn  raton mein.

Teri Zulfon ke saye mein khoya rahun main,
Teri Yadon mein her ghadi khoya rahun main,
Kuch iss tarah mita de aaj meri pyaas ko,
Aa, tere honthon se madd chura lun main.

Kuch pal tere ishq ke parchai me thahar jaaun,
Wo komalta hai teri mohabbat mein,
Aaj kanch ki tarah teri banhon me bikhar jaaun,
Wo Shitalta hai teri baahon mein.

Nikla tha main pyaar ki talash mein,
Thak gaya aakhir teri hi aas mein,
Kaise bhul jaaun main uss pehle chuwan ko,
Jabb tumhare haath, pehli baar thi mere haathoon mein.

Abb mere jivan mein, bass ekk hi khwahish hai,
Abb mere iss mann mein, bass ekk tamanna hai,
Tere Ishq mein main Jee lun main,
Lekar tujhe bahon mein, meri maut aa jaaye!

- Sumit


  1. you are just flying and experimenting your moods in different shades of language.............keep up!

  2. @Sancheeta :D :D hehehe :P :D Thank you!! :D

  3. I didn't know that this generation could be so romantic,and passionate...another side to your great writing..loved it,Sumit

  4. @Alpana thank you dear :) and love doesn't change with generations... Never.

  5. very well penned thoughts dear....

    1st time here and found a good space being maintained by you.

    Bets wishes,

  6. Beautiful and romantic post, amazing....

  7. Sorry I could not read the poem but in any language she is beautiful

  8. there was a slight change in the ECG reading losing the usual PR interval, Q wave, QRS complex and T wave creating a heart figure higher than the R wave (creating a sumit externally and a smriti internally ...:P... just had fun with that...i wish i could comprehend the poem... i'll just use my heart right now :P

  9. @Sulekha Ji Thanks a LOT.. I taggged you in MEME.. hope you saw it :)

  10. @Jim Its in Hindi Language.. in English fonts :) And Thank you so much..!!

  11. @Melissa The Wave keeps jumping from PR to QRS to R wave from time to time

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  13. I have fallen in love with your creation. mind blowing.